OUR MISSION – To provide opportunities for our members to learn and further develop their interest in playing water polo, irrespective of their experience or ability.

NWPPA is an inclusive organisation that provides opportunities for everyone to get involved in playing water polo with the focus on participation and fun. Irrespective of your experience or ability there is a place in a team for you at Newman.

While the objective is to teach and enjoy water polo it is important to put all those skills learned at training into practice. Membership to NWPPA is open to not only students from Newman College but also feeders schools, schools from the local area and the general public. The competition fosters the principles of participation and enjoyment in waterpolo.

NWPPA offers three programs:

Flippaball (Year 3-6)
Junior League (Year 6-10)
Senior Competition (Year 11-adult)

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