2 dec

HBF Stadium and behaviour

Good morning everyone.

Trust this email finds you well.
We have received a number of comments from VenuesWest regarding the behaviour of our member’s at HBF Stadium.
Most recently we had parents abuse staff upon entry about the collection of an admission fee.
This type of behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
I have outlined to VenuesWest this morning that we as the state body will support their disciplinary action and the decisions they make when dealing with these type of situations. If this continue we will also look to take further action as a state body, through our clubs.
Also concerning is the amount of players who are trying to avoid paying the admission fee at the front reception and sneaking in via other entrances, again disappointing.
The result of this maybe that Venueswest look to close the grandstand or place more staff on entry points (at our cost), both of which would not be ideal outcomes for the sport.
We are very fortunate to have the use of HBF Stadium, a world class venue for our junior competitions and the envy of other sports, so please remind your members of this.
It would be great if you could all circulate this to your members and remind them of the expected behaviour.
Kind regards,
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